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Dreams Of Children Music Group SnapBack

For the past 4 months Drique London and the Dreams of Children crew has been spotted online and in the streets wearing a one of a kind snapback. After gaining much attention on the hat and everyone wanted to know where or how they can get their hands on one. After such a high demand Drique and Dreams of Children family are finally letting the supporters have what they been asking for.

The DOC snapbacks are a structured cotton twill 6-panel hat with a flat embroidery on the front with the DOC log and Driques signature on the back. Inside you will find a custom tag, a green under brim with a plastic adjustable strap for the perfect fit. These unreleased snapbacks come in three colors Navy, Black and Scarlet.

Drique and DOC Music Group family are excited to give you a quality hat at a great price to say thank you for the support of the music and the DOC brand.

Below read a quick interview with Drique London about the Drique London x DREAMS OF Children snapbacks.

What is Dreams of Children Music Group and what’s its mission?

Dreams of Children Music Group is a record label, a lifestyle and a brand that was established in 2009 by myself and my longtime producer Majestic. In 2008, I had just changed my name to Drique London I was in this space where I wanted to re-brand everything. I had a current label at the time called World Face Entertainment that just completely fell off. It wasn't becoming the vision I had in mind. I wanted something new. So I reached out to Majestic we talked and a few hours later he came up with the name and we been running with it ever since. It's growing into everything I thought it would be. I just really wanted to create this vision for my people and anyone who’s had a childhood dream they was living out; then it became a lifestyle. What was the inspiration behind the DOC Logo?

After Sound of the Rising Sun came out, I started learning a lot more, meeting more people and studying array of crews and how they ran their brands. I looked at my current logo and I was like I need something a little more mature. I went back and forth with ideas and different logos, I then reached out to one of my favorite rappers and artist Fresh Daily. I hit him up and told him what I had in mind. He sent me over a few sketches but one specific sketch he sent me was this young boy looking off as if he was day dreaming and I thought that was so cool. It really fit what I had in mind perfectly. It reminded me of myself as a kid just having a vision and looking like one day I'm going to achieve everything I need to achieve. We had to tweak it a little but with both our visions it became what you guys see today. What made you decide to create these caps?

Well I was at home cleaning my room putting all my summer clothes away and gathering my winter clothes at the top of my closet and I noticed like 40 New Era hats. I sat back and realized I'm spending a lot of money on New Era and I was like you know what would be dope if I had my own DOC caps. I thought back to the collaboration we did with Steeze 2 years ago for Sound of the Rising Sun rollout. Those did pretty well maybe I could do it again was a thought in my head. I let it go then I met Stalley and saw his BCG hats and thought man those are clean. I need to get one of those BCG hats then I thought, like forget that bro I'm about to create my own. I reached out to some people and gave them my ideas they helped me build that hat from scratch. Initially I wanted to create hats for myself and my home boys only. I wasn't even thinking about putting them up for sale. I was going out and I always put a hat on to complete the outfit and I posted a picture to Instagram and it went crazy. People all over asking me how can they get one and if they could buy one from me. I gave my whole crew the DOC snapback and they started posting pictures and it began to get more buzz. When I saw the people reaction I was like we might really have something here. Thats when I made the decision to produce some more in different colors. The DOC snapbacks have been the only hat I've worn in 5 months. It feels good to wear your own product. To think this is something I thought of and made it comes to life and people like the vision and want to wear a product of the DOC brand. Will there be more colors and Dreams of Children merchandise in the future?

Oh yea defiantly. I actually have a few colorways in mind that we are working on right now that will come out a little later on this year. We made jackets, shirts, and sweaters all worn by different people of the DOC family. Before rap, I really wanted to be a clothing designer and its crazy to me how everything is coming full circle. I'm really creating this line and expanding the vision for DOC. With the weather warming up my team and I have a few one of one pieces we'll be promoting throughout the year but right now all my focus is on headwear. I want to make these as big as we can.

I just want to thank everybody for the support over the years that you giving to myself and the crew. We have a lot more of everything coming. I appreciate all you guys! Please go out and support. Thank you! Thank you for all the support pick up your Drique London x DOC Music Group Snapback at DOCMUSICGROUP.COM/Shop

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